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Wichita State University

Wichita, KS

University Campus Map


The University Meal Plan is optional for participants. If students choose to eat locally, there are plenty of restaurants available around campus! The meal plan is as follows:

Three meals: $35.00

Two meals (Lunch and Dinner): $25.00


Lodging remains optional, with housing offered by the Wichita State University. Participants will be placed in a dormitory on campus within walking distance of each day's events. The pricing options are as follows:


$30/night for a double room

$35/night for a single room

There will be several BIA Fellows staying the dorms with the participants, acting as Residential Advisors for the duration of the camp.

Participants are welcome to contact us about transportation to and from the airport, but there are no guarantees we can accommodate your plans. Uber and Lyft are available to pick you up from the airport for around $20-30.


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