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Old Dominion University

Diehn School of Music

1339 W 49th St, Norfolk, VA 23529


Dates: June 26 - July 2nd, 2022

Tuition: $300.00

Registration Fee: $75.00

March 1st - 1st Deadline :

     - 20% Off Tuition! 

     - No Registration Fee!

     - Total Cost: $240.00

April 1st - 2nd Deadline:

     - No Registration Fee!

     - Total Cost: $300.00

June 15th - Final Deadline:

     - Total Cost: $375.00

Just Getting Started on Your Instrument? 

Come to TideBrass Jr!

A Summer Brass Camp

Focused on the Fundamentals!


     TideBrass Jr. is a week-long brass camp for local middle and high school students who are seeking guidance in general brass playing, as well as furthering their mastery on their instrument and in music. TBI Jr students get a similar TideBrass experience - working with our talented faculty, performing in chamber groups and ensembles, as well as attending masterclasses and artist recitals. The week runs alongside the Tidewater Brass festival, with the curriculum and activities catering to students from 5th-9th grade students, or generally beginners-to-intermediately skilled players.

Unsure of which festival you should sign up for?

Contact our Director of Program Development Samuel Ambrose here!

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